A new edition of the “Nuestro Teatro” program brings the work of professional theater companies from Extremadura closer to the municipalities of the province

There will be 26 locations that will host 22 shows, from November 19 to December 11. This seventh edition has a total budget of 111,000 euros

“The Provincial Council of Cáceres with this program wants, first of all, to support that good number of companies from Extremadura that do theater, that create theater, that do it well because there are many and very good companies that we have in our land; Secondly, it is to create an audience, we bring theater closer to all towns, we create an audience that is something very important to support culture”, explained the deputy for Culture and Sports of the Provincial Council of Cáceres, Fernando J. Grande Cano, the objective of “Our Theater”, whose programming for 2022 has been presented this Friday at a press conference. Representatives of the companies “De la Burla Teatro”, “Maltravieso Teatro”, “Karlik Danza Teatro” and “Emulsión Teatro” were also present at this presentation.

This is the seventh edition of a program that was born in 2016 with an investment of 30 thousand euros and that Today it has an investment of 111,000 euros, “a budget that has been increasing year after year, aware of the quality it has and the excellent reception it has in our towns.”

EBetween November 19 and December 11, 26 locations They will host around twenty shows by companies with a long and recognized professional career. “But we also want to value amateur theater and every year we take the representation by an Amateur Company of the winning play of Raúl Moreno theatrical texts, to various municipalities in the province,” said Grande Cano, who in this case is about the work “Today I killed mom” of Space Thirteen, that will be represented in the towns of Malpartida de Plasencia (Nov. 26), Villa del Campo (Dec. 2), Aldea del Cano (Dec. 4), Castañar de Ibor (Dec. 5) and Holguera (Dec. 9).

The rest of the municipalities in which theatrical productions will take place are: Abadía, Abertura, Alcuéscar, Alía, Almaraz, Cabrero, Cañaveral, Ceclavín, Guijo de Santa Barbará, Herreruela, Jerte, La Pesga, Losar de la Vera, Mata de Alcántara, Nuñomoral, Pueblonuevo de Miramontes, Salvatierra de Santiago, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Torre de Don Miguel, Valdelacasa del Tajo and Vegaviana.

During his speech, the deputy for Culture and Sports stressed that with ‘Our Theatre’The objective of the Diputación is to bring culture closer to towns regardless of their size” and he has been convinced that with the programming that has been designed “we will contribute our grain of sand so that it is so”. Thus, in municipalities such as Nuñomoral they will be able to enjoy the play “Medea adrift” by Maltravieso Teatro, a script based on the comic by Fermín Solís, Vegaviana will enjoy the staging by Karlik danza Teatro “Self-portrait of pen and sword” and De Amarillo Producciones will arrive at the House of Culture of Alcuéscar with “Hipatia de Alejandría”, represented within the program of the Roman Theater of Mérida.



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