A Beginner’s Guide to Badminton


Whether you are a Badminton aficionado or just an avid watcher of the sport, you are bound to be intrigued by the sport’s rules, history and even its rivalries. This article discusses some of these aspects, along with some of the other similarities to other racket sports.


Whether it’s being played as a fun backyard activity or as an Olympic sport, the history of badminton is pretty interesting. The game has been around since the ancient civilizations of Greece and China. Today, more than 150 countries have joined the federation.

The origins of the game date back to ancient China, Greece and India. Originally, the game was played with a shuttlecock, a cone-shaped ball, and a battledore, which is a paddle. This game was also played in Japan and several African countries.

A shuttlecock was also used in Europe during the Baroque era. Today, the shuttlecock is made of plastic, and can be a hit with a bat.


Whether you’re a novice or a pro, there are rules of badminton that you need to know. These rules are set up to protect the players and ensure that you don’t get hurt while playing.

The rules of badminton are all overseen by an umpire, who calls out the rules of the day. These rules are outlined by the Badminton World Federation. These rules are designed to protect the players while still allowing them to have fun.

In badminton, there are three types of games: singles, doubles and mixed. Singles is played with one player on each side. Doubles is played with two players on each side. Mixed is a combination of singles and doubles.

Similarities to other racket sports

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are some similarities between badminton and other racket sports. Both games use a shuttlecock, a feathered ball, and rackets to hit an object over the net.

The difference between badminton and other racket games is the field layout, equipment, and scoring methods. There are two ways to play: individual or doubles.

Both games require a high level of strength, agility, and explosive athleticism. However, badminton requires the player to jump higher and run farther than other racket sports.

The fastest singles smash in the world is 298 kilometers per hour, or about 186 mph. That is more than twice the speed of the fastest projectile in any other racket sport.

Greatest rivalries

Whether you are a badminton fan or just interested in the sport, you are probably aware of the Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan rivalry. These two badminton players have met in some of the most exciting matches in the sport. They also shared an extraordinary bond. These two players are considered among the most dominant players in the sport’s history.

In fact, the duo have met in 40 matches throughout their career. Their rivalry is also one of the best in the sport. They have a 28-12 record against each other.

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan are two of the most talented badminton players in the world. Both players have won multiple titles and etched their names in the history books. They are both also ranked in the top ten. They are also considered among the most dominant players in their generation.