Zendaya reveals new talent: she is a great tennis player

For the movie Challengers, Zendaya trained a lot in tennis and surprised the entire production with her good handling of the racket.

Zendaya, who just won her second Emmy, is about to reveal a newfound talent to the world, tennis.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Zendaya will play Tashi, a tennis player and coach at Challengers.

According to the Variety medium, the actress was training for 3 months to learn to play in the best way and look as professional as possible on the tape. A training that, according to Guadagnino himself, has surprised the entire production due to the great skill she has with the racket.

“She’s wonderful, we’ve edited the film and hardly used any of her stunt double. She’s very good,” said the director.

In the film, Zendaya must play a great tennis player who became a coach to help her husband (played by Mike Faisten) a very important match. And it is that a long losing streak has led him to one of the lower category tournaments on the circuit. Her rival will be the ex and great childhood friend of Zendaya’s character, Patrick, who will be played by Josh O’Connor.

Guadagnino defines the film as a “sexy comedy”. The three protagonists form a love triangle where tennis is the pretext to develop their relationships.




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