Why you shouldn’t miss “Redeem Team” on Netflix

Highly anticipated on Netflix since the announcement of its release last August, the documentary on Team USA’s victory at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, entitled ” Redeem Team : rebondir ensemble »went online this Friday, October 7.

Directed by John Weinbach, co-producer of “ The Last Dance« , this feature film is a “must-see” for all NBA fans. Because we discover the backstage of a legendary team, just like the Dream Team of 92, with players who reveal themselves in a new light. In any case, we give you ten good reasons to watch it quickly.

1. Because there is a nice bunch of interviewees, including the late Kobe Bryant, but especially a lot of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carlos Boozer, Coach K of course, or even Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. It is quite simply the cream of this beginning of the century, united to restore the image of an entire country.

2. To discover the underside of the Coach K method. The legendary Duke coach who used all the resources at his disposal, with army colonel interventions, stories to touch the hearts of his players (by making them imagine their grandson (or daughter) who questions about his defeat at the Olympics)…

“With this crest, I can’t lose. you will have to shoot me! Honestly, that’s my mentality and that’s the one I want you to play with! », had thus sent Coach K during the preparation.

3. To remember the chaotic journey of Team USA between 1996 and 2008, with a sixth-place finish at Worlds at home in Indianapolis (which is not mentioned). The documentary, on the other hand, returns extensively to the terrible defeat at the Athens Olympics in 2004, but also that of 2006 at the Japanese World Cup, against Greece and its Baby Shaq (which always makes Dwight Howard smile).

“When we lost in 2006 in Japan, it was the worst defeat of my career. You train the national team, and you lose”, concedes a Coach K still marked. ” We lost in 2006 because we thought we knew the landscape [du basket mondial] but that was not the case! Now we had to learn the game as it was played, instead of the game played in the NBA. This game was not natural for us, it’s just different. Even the ball is different, it consists of 12 parts instead of 8! »

For his part, LeBron James also accused the blow. In two attempts with the American selection, the “Chosen One” had suffered two violent setbacks: “I didn’t feel so shitty [en 2006] than in Athens. We weren’t ready yet. »

4. Because it’s a key moment in Kobe Bryant’s career, the beginning of his second career. At the time, Kobe arrived at Team USA to restore his image too, after his Colorado affair in 2003 but also preceded by an incorrigible reputation as an individualist. His personal redemption would begin with that of his country, put back at the very top of the world totem.

A founding moment for many still young players, including Wade and James, the Kobe myth was confirmed in the flesh. Like after this evening when the whole team (except one) went to relax in a Vegas club.

On their return, at dawn, they see Kobe in uniform, with his gym gloves on his hands, already sweating. After that, LeBron and Wade joined him the next day at dawn. And soon, the whole team was getting up at 6 a.m. (or before) to follow Bryant’s program!

5. To dive behind the scenes of Team USAincluding their training camp in Las Vegas, and their own collective journey which has gone through several symbolic stages, such as this choice of the national anthem sung by Marvin Gaye at the 1983 All Star Game as their song for the competition.

6. To remember the first confrontation between Spain and the Americans in chicken. When Kobe Bryant had given the example by going to inflict a shoulder blow on his own teammate at the Lakers, Pau Gasol from one of the first actions to set the tone.

7. To relive this incredible 2008 Olympic final, which many consider to be one of the most beautiful games in the history of the sport, all categories combined. It must be said that the setting was masterful: a revengeful American team, which has no other choice but to bring back the gold, against a Spanish squad armed to the teeth, probably the most talented in its history and all, very close to rocking the American colossus.

The documentary recalls in particular that and James and Bryant were quickly slowed down by faults, saved in this by Wade’s small number in attack. But opposite, Rudy Fernandez is in a great evening, going to the dunker passage on the truffle of Dwight Howard. Bryant will take care of silencing him, his index finger in front of his face in a pose that will be remembered, after his 4-point action which definitively excludes Fernandez from the match (for 5 fouls) and which restores air to Team USA in a suffocating “crunch time”!

8. To highlight the impact of Doug Collins behind the scenes. Commentator for American TV at the Beijing Olympics, Collins was above all a member of the cursed team in 1972 in Munich, beaten in the final by the USSR in one of the most incredible, if not to say iniquitous, end of the match in history. of FIBA.

Invited by Coach K to talk about his Olympic experience during the preparation, his words touched the hearts of the players of the Redeem Team, who all went to greet him at the commentator’s post once victory was assured. They even put the gold medal around his neck. The one he could (should?) have received thirty-six years earlier.

9. To discover the scenes of jubilation of NBA superstars in the locker room immediately after victory. Rare images of pure and simple joy, of a happiness shared between all these players who have become icons and brands that represent millions of dollars but which, at that time,

10. To simply salute one of the best teams in international basketball. In the end, this Redeem Team manages to more or less rival the mythical Dream Team of 1992. The squad of 2008 potentially has eight Hall of Famers, including three who are already there in Bryant, Kidd and Bosh, which brings them closer to the eleven of 92.

In terms of NBA titles, the Dream Team also keeps a slight advantage with 23 rings against 17. But hey, with Jordan and Pippen who already have twelve to two…

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