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The regular phase of the Liga Betplay II-2022 entered its final stretch and is played with two tables; while some fight to qualify among the top eight, others struggle to survive in the A. In this day 16, which began this Friday and will run until Monday, there is much at stake. The most committed are Cortuluá and Patriotas, since the results do not accompany them and could define their future in the next two dates.

Precisely, the date that entered into dispute left a not very encouraging result for the Boyacá fan. Patriotas lost a visit to Envigado, 3-2, and it got even more complicated in relegation. Cortuluá, who will play this day against Once Caldas, clings to the mathematical possibilities not to return to B. The curious thing about the two involved, Patriotas and Cortuluá, is that both have had four coaches in less than a year.

The Tunja team has very tough challenges left in the championship: Pasto, Millonarios, Bucaramanga and Cali, three of which are fighting to qualify or fight at the top of the table, and another that began a process with Jorge Luis Pinto and will seek compensation at the close of the tournament.

Patriotas started 2022 with Juan David Niño as coach; then Arturo Boyacá guided them. José Eugenio ‘Cheché’ Hernández arrived for the second semester, but faced with the crisis of results, Fabián Felipe Torres took the reins. In fact, the young coach has been doing it since date 15, when they managed to take a break by beating Unión Magdalena. In front of Envigado the flute did not sound.

The other one targeted in the descent is Cortuluá, who managed to get promoted this year together with Unión Magdalena and could not establish himself in first. Although promoted by the hand of Jaime de la Pava, he began his process in first with Manuel Suárez. For the second semester, and urgent of results, he linked César Torres, former coach of Alianza and Jaguares. However, who is directing the auction of the tournament is Fernando Velasco.

The ‘Corazón del Valle’ team has five games remaining, the first will be this Saturday against Once Caldas. Then they will face La Equidad, Tolima, Junior and Águilas, several of which are in the middle of a fight to classify among the eight. A difficult schedule, but one in which you cannot miss points if you want to remain in first place.

Although currently those committed to go to B are Cortuluá and Patriotas, Unión Magdalena and Alianza Petrolera, they cannot blink. If the semester goes to sink and their rivals manage to add, they could be harmed. It is not yet resolved who will lose their place in the League and anything can happen. It remains for the cyclone to face Independiente Medellín, Junior, Pereira, Equidad and América de Cali, while the oil tankers have left: Santa Fe, Tolima, América, Once Caldas and Millonarios.

This is how the relegation table goes in 2022

20. Cortuluá – 0.83
19. Patriots – 0.91

18. Magdalena Union – 1.00
17. Oil Alliance – 1.05
16. Jaguars – 1.18



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