Victor Wembanyama sends 37 points at 7/11 from 3-point range against rival Scoot Henderson

It was a France – United States disguised as a showcase. This Tuesday, under the projos of a “Dollar Loan Center” which we will only remember the name, the Metropolitans 92 lost against the Ignite Team of G League. The important thing is elsewhere: Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson exchanged their first mandals and it was… legendary. Debrief.

The match sheet is available ICI !

Standing on the sofa, hands on your head and a « wow » of amazement: the cat’s reaction when he saw Victor Wembanyama’s start to the match. We had already gone to the barracks next door to exchange balls with the neighbor out of sheer excitement. Without kidding, have we ever seen such a confrontation between two 18-year-old players? ESPN’s management may have listed the duels of the last 20 years between the first two choices announced in the same draft (Kyrie Irving – Derrick Williams, Andrew Wiggins – Jabari Parker, Markelle Fultz – Lonzo Ball …), none told in the history books as this first confrontation between the Metropolitans 92 by Victor Wembanyama et l’Ignite Team by Scott Henderson. To put it simply, on the first two or three minutes of play, Vico directly laid the foundations with 2 blocks and a reverse hand lay-up from the future.

Then came this air pocket between the start of the match and half-time. An air pocket which Scoot Henderson took advantage of to mix Victor from different angles. There was the Scoot Henderson “3-point step-back” against Victor Wembanyama “three centimeters too short”, the Scoot Henderson “I drive with a lot of confidence” against Victor Wembanyama “I go about it timidly to protect the circle and commit the fault”, the Scoot Henderson “I bring out a caviar for a partner” against the Victor Wembanyama “I oscillate between two players and float awkwardly”. Lots of versions that bothered us a bit in view of a budding rivalry between the two prospects. It would be a shame if Scoot Hendersonauthor of 18 points at intermission, takes the mental ascendancy over Victor and takes advantage of this double Végassian confrontation (?) to undo his “delay” in the mocks. Our explanation is a bit lame? Yeah, we just want the tall Frenchman to lecture the rude kid who tenses his biceps and even screams after getting a throw-in.

« Olala, Ougo Bésson is in the zone ! ». Less than four months after being selected 58th in the last draft by the Bucks, the Cainris are getting to know a familiar face again. In the first period, the lightning Hugo Besson plays with hips and pulls out of the game. Under the influence of euphoria – and believing that the pressure got the better of his colleague – he is then predicted a better score sheet than Victor Wembanyama. But throw a dead fish into a lake and it will regain its taste for life (an invented expression). At the exit of the locker room, Wembanyama poses 8 points in 3 minutes. Even better, his defensive instincts – kidnapped by harsh whistles – have been returned to him. Then begins the most pleasant part. The two prospects go blow for blow with – in the last quarter – the acceleration of Wembanyama. Post 4 of the Metropolitans draws in first intention until increasing its percentage to 7/11 from afar. The Ile-de-France residents are picking up the score but fail – and never will – to take the lead. Boarf, Victor’s two-action blocks on Scoot say enough. One is a super player with a unique but not generational profile. The other, author of 37 points, 4 rebounds, 5 blocks and only 1 lost ball, is an anomaly deposited by mistake on the wrong planet. With each of his returned shots, this feeling of euphoria to share with a colleague, a brother, a friend, a cousin. “Wasn’t Victor having a little trash talk before the game saying that Scoot would be number 1 if he hadn’t been born? ». We don’t teach you anything: that words lead to actions, that’s the hallmark of the very great. Even more when the principal concerned is only 18 years old.

Cainris who pay the blaze of Steve Ho You Fat and a first MA-JES-TUEU-SE stanza between Scoot Henderson (28 points) and Victor Wembanyama (37 points). See you Thursday evening at 9 p.m. – tomorrow therefore – for part 2 of the most intoxicating of pre-season confrontations.



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