“There is nothing alarming” at the ACBB, according to Anaïs Deyres

What motivated you to join the ACBB?

The living environment of which…

What motivated you to join the ACBB?

The living environment that I can enjoy here obviously counted but I was really determined to join the ACBB, no matter the division. I had also made the choice to sign at the club before the formalization of the rise in N1. Above all, I wanted to enjoy playing basketball again. The state of mind that reigns in this club also particularly appealed to me.

At the start of the championship, how do you view the team?

Unfortunately, we deplore a few injuries that prevent us from finding the full team, but in my opinion, we have players in each position who, despite a certain inexperience at this level, have undeniable technical qualities and are capable of releasing a certain ” grinta”, a combativeness that will be very precious to us.

Did you expect such a difficult start?

It’s inevitably infuriating to chain defeats because we always hope to win (the ACBB suffers from a succession of three defeats, including two at home, editor’s note). Nevertheless, there is nothing alarming: we know perfectly where we want to go and we try above all to progress on our basketball.

You have been scouring the floors of N1 for several seasons already: present to us the specificities of this championship…

Compared to the N2, it is a level where there is more physical impact and where each error is paid cash. Also, while in N2, each player touches a bit of everything, here each is specialized in one area.

In your opinion, what will be the decisive ingredients that will allow the ACBB to maintain itself?

The most important thing is to maintain a good state of mind within the group and to keep your head above water for as long as possible. Among the teams applying for maintenance, the team that will most want to work will achieve its goal.

How would you define your player profile, promoted among the leaders of the team?

I will try throughout the season to bring scoring, to share with the girls my experience in the knowledge of high level basketball. I also hope to convince the girls never to give up. Being among the team’s inmates is truly a pleasure and an honour. The girls give it back to me and it gives me a hell of a lot of confidence.

What about the next match against Limoges Avenir Basket Club (ABC), fourth in the championship?

This next meeting is a new opportunity to work and progress. The match is likely to be particularly hotly contested and we will obviously do everything we can to win at home.



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