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Spain and Colombia faces will be seen again U-17 World Cup feminine that is disputed in India, this time with the title at stake, after eliminating this Wednesday to Germany (0-1) and Nigeria (in the penalty shootout), respectively.

A move after a throw-in that Spanish striker Lucía Corrales knew how to convert into a goal gave victory to the team from Kenny Gonzalo in a tight duel against Germany, who a few months ago snatched the title of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Euro 2022.

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(Colombian women’s team: the reasons for its success in the World Cup)

In a game that escalated after a disallowed goal by striker Mara Alber in the 20th minute, La Roja did not give up creating chances and controlling the ball despite the great German offensive.

The Spanish team sneaks into the final of this championship for the second consecutive time and will defend the title of champion against a Colombia that in its previous participations in this tournament had not managed to get past the group stage.

A stop by the ‘coffee pot’ Agudelo in the decisive shot of the penalty shootout gave them a place in the final for the first time in their history, after a goalless draw against Nigeria.

But for Colombia it was not easy, since minutes before the Nigerian Edafe had in her boots the option of classifying her team to the final, but sent her team’s fifth penalty to a stick.

The final will be played next Sunday, in the financial city of Bombay, where Colombians and Spanish began their journey in this World Cup in a match that ended with the victory of Spain by 1-0.

The prizes, the theme…

Since they began to win, the theme of the prizes for the players does not stop. Ramon Jesurunpresident of the Colombian Football Federation, He said that there were no incentives for them because they were ‘amateurs’.

The next day, from India, host of the World Cup, Federation sources confirmed to TIME that there would be prizes, which had been agreed before.

The arrival at the final uncovered important announcements. Ivan Cancino, well-known lawyer, said on his social networks that together with the businessman Christian Daes, CEO of Tecnoglass, they will make a ‘cow’ to reward the players of La Tricolor.

María Isabel Urrutia, Minister of Sports, he was infected with joy and also promised help to the campus.

“We are happy, I am very happy because we are already in the medal table. Let them continue like this, with that desire to compete, that as they are doing, they are doing very well. They already have their prizes guaranteed here in the ministry,” he said in Blu.

Carlos Paniaguathe DT, once the scandal broke out, said: “Here there was a prize agreed with the players even for the goals converted. There is a prize for going to the quarterfinals and also for going to the semifinal.”

And he added: “The misunderstanding that there was is that the Federation does not receive money from Fifa for advancing to each instance; suddenly there is confusion. The people of the Federation always recognized the effort of this group.”

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(Colombian women’s team: the reasons for its success in the World Cup)



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