The Pool of Week 6 from the NFL Specialists on ESPN

The National Football League experts for ESPN They offer you their forecasts, week by week, throughout the entire regular season

The new regular season kicked off with everything NFLgiving us great emotions and surprising results in the first days.

With the action on the gridirons, the competition also returned to find out who is the best in the NFL Pools on ESPN.

Like every year, the American football specialists for ESPN They offer you, day by day, their selections of the winners of all the games in the league.

Don’t stay out of the action, and come back every week to know the forecasts of the specialists of the NFL for all parties.

For the sixth day, these were the selections of the specialists of the NFL en ESPN:

In the fifth day of predictions, nobody had a losing record, so now everyone remains in positive numbers for the accumulated of the regular season.

After the week 5stay in command Mauricio Pedrozay Paul Viruega tied for the lead.



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