The change in the regulation that analyzes to implement the NBA

The NBA He always stood out for turning basketball into a “show”. An attraction to the North American public and the rest of the continents. That’s why now is analyzing to implement a change in the regulation to shorten the duration of the matches.

The idea, in principle, was FIBA (the international federation) that is carrying out a technical test throughout the world. Among the countries that will also incorporate this modification will be Argentina. The measure will be adopted by the Developed League to see how it works and what effects it would have.

However, the change is focused on free throws. If a player makes the first shot, the rest will automatically be given as valid. That is, it would add the two or three corresponding points. On the other hand, if he fails the initial one, he will have the possibility of scoring the second and adding one or two (depending on if he has another attempt left).

Also, if a player makes the field goal and is fouled, the extra free throw you should have will be counted directly to you as made. In other words, he will add one more point without having to shoot. These changes would take place during the game until the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. From there, and if there is extra time, the free throws will be as they are currently being taken.


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