Ted Danson gives thanks for his career 40 years later

Ted Danson thanks Cheers for launching his career four decades later. Played by Danson as former baseball player, former alcoholic and current bartender / owner Sam Malone, the NBC sitcom Cheers premiered in 1982. Although the series initially did not go well with audiences and was nearly canceled, it eventually became the longest-running multi-cam sitcom in history with 11 seasons and 275 episodes, until The Big Bang Theory relegated it to second place. Despite a rough start, the show, which also starred Shelley Long as Diane, Rhea Perlman as Carla, and John Ratzenberger as Cliff, has been credited with launching Woody Harrelson to fame.

Cheers has an impressive legacy, having also launched the popular sitcom Frasier, a spin-off focusing on the therapist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer). Though its other spin-off attempts were unsuccessful, Cheers remains one of the most popular shows of the 1980s and rounded it off with a satisfying ending. The bar-focused comedy garnered such a following that fans of the series would have traveled to Boston to visit the “where everyone knows your name” bar, called Cheers Faneuil Hall, which recently closed. Obviously, the series had to end sooner or later, and in this case, the day came when Danson decided in 1993 that it was time to move on. Despite this decision, Danson has since expressed his love for the acclaimed sitcom.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Danson shared his appreciation for Cheers as the series that launched his career. He also admitted that the series’ lines still bring him joy despite his acting on the show, saying he likes to see the play again for a heartwarming reason. See what the actor said below:

“Everything I do is because of the popularity of that show. It still makes me laugh when I look at it sometimes. It’s fun, and it’s good to see my friends, and they make me laugh. “

How the applause helped shape the landscape of modern comedy

Unsurprisingly, Danson still finds the sitcom episodes entertaining given his penchant for witty humor, which many consider ahead of their time. Indeed, Cheers’ impact on contemporary comedy series cannot be overstated, with the hit show helping to set the model for the popular genre of workplace comedies, which are a modern staple. Series like The Office, Scrubs, and Superstore became pop culture giants in part thanks to that influence, with The Office star Steve Carell also launching a Cheers reboot with the cast of The Office. Also, Sam and Diane are considered by some to be the quintessential romance they want, don’t want, yet, again, with couples like Ross and Rachel from Friends following their lead.

The gratitude Danson expresses for Cheers after four decades is heartwarming and he has managed to find a way to pay homage to the series in his other roles. Notably, during his stint as Michael on Michael Schur’s sitcom The Good Place, Danson spent time behind a bar in the Season 2 finale, posing as a charming and insightful bartender to help guide Eleanor (Kirsten Bell) on the right track. . The Good Place’s nod to Cheers was highlighted by the series’ official Twitter account in a delightful example of the show’s legacy, which is still going strong as Frasier receives a revival from Paramount +.

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