Simone Johnson, 20, daughter of “The Rock” is making the buzz and igniting a star!

The Johnsons have fame and showmanship in their blood. While Dwayne, aka “The Rock,” continues to triumph in Hollywood with Black Adam, it’s his daughter Simone who has grabbed the spotlight this week. And obviously, it has already hit very hard.

Long before being one of the most prominent cinema superstars around the world, it was indeed in the world of wrestling that Dwayne Johnson made a name for himself. Following a modest college career as an American footballer, the colossus indeed joined WWE, then called WWF, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become “The Rock”. At its peak, the “People’s Champion” dominated his discipline, so much so that he ended up making the transition to the mainstream. But no problem: the succession is assured.

The Rock’s daughter launches into wrestling and makes the buzz live!

Nearly two decades after Rocky retired from the rings full-time (he’s made a few WWE appearances since, including at Wrestlemania), it was his daughter Simone Johnson who was thrown into the deep end this week. Under the name of Ava Raine, she was indeed revealed as a member of the “Schism” faction:

This first appearance on the NXT show was rather brief, but its impact on social networks and beyond was enormous. Jay Uso, WWE superstar and member of “The Bloodline” faction, was indeed very complimentary on the microphone of TMZ:

The sky is the limit for her. She’s a hard worker, like all of us. It’s ingrained in her, and I’m really excited about her future. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. We are all a family, and we are all behind it.

Using the pseudonym “Ava Raine”, Simone Johnson chose not to be identified as “The Rock’s daughter”, in order to write her own story. The fact remains that her father is particularly proud of her, as he recently confided:

She made history by becoming WWE’s first 4th Generation Superstar. She is very, very independent. It’s super important for her to write her own story, dig her own furrow. She doesn’t particularly ask me for advice, which I respect. But I’m here, watching, and supporting her.

Simone Johnson threw herself into the deep end, and her first appearance had the expected success. It now remains to see the evolution of his character, as well as his qualities in the ring. The pressure is colossal, but, like her father, there is no doubt that she will be able to manage it as well as possible!


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