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This week the complement of day 17 of Liga Betplay II-2022which had started a week ago with the victory (3-2) of Santa Fe against Millonarios, in an impressive comeback that marked the capital’s classic.

In the absence of the duel between Independiente Medellín and Atlético Bucaramanga, which will be next week, this is how the curious date was lived, which was marked by five draws, and in which those who were forced to do so could not win. Now, there is a traffic jam among the eight, with six teams (Millionaires, Águilas, Nacional, Once Caldas, Santa Fe) that add up to 28 units. Junior and America are still out.

The good

The leader Deportivo Pasto caresses the classification: Flabio Torres’ team took a point from Tunja and reached 30 points, which brings them closer to the first goal: semi-final homers. The ‘volcanic’ team started out winning, but in the end sealed a 1-1 in a difficult place, against a rival that is struggling not to relegation.

Pinto added again with Deportivo Cali: Although he had the 3 points in his pocket, the sugar bowl ended up scoring 2-2 against Águilas in Rionegro. Teófilo Gutiérrez scored again and Agustín Vuletich shook off the losing streak. Jorge Luis Pinto is still undefeated with Cali, since he had just won the classic. They had not scored on a visit since the eighth day in the 4-4 with Alianza Petrolera.

Once Caldas beat Nacional and got into the eight: The ‘Blanco-Blanco’ took advantage of a childish error by goalkeeper Kevin Mier to find the 1-0, with a penalty goal by Ayron del Valle. He reached 28 points and got into the top eight, moving Junior to ninth place.

The bad

Cortuluá and Patriotas suffer from relegation: Neither of them could win on this date. Cortuluá drew a draw from Techo against La Equidad, while Patriotas could not at home against Deportivo Pasto. They will have a heart-stopping tournament auction, since mathematically none have lost the category. Unión Magdalena did not win either and is still involved in the conversation.

Pereira let slip key points: The team from Mateca fell in their yard against Envigado (0-2) and lost a good chance of being at the top of the table, without suffering at the end of the day. Despite the result against, he remained eighth. Goalkeeper Harlen Castillo did not have the best presentation of him.

America couldn’t at home and it got complicated: Alexandre Guimaraes’ men suffered too much and were barely able to salvage a point against the eliminated Jaguares. A victory would have put them in the eight, but the tie left them in box 11.

Nacional fired Pedro Sarmiento with defeat: This Thursday, Pedro Sarmiento played his last game at the head of the purslane, before Paulo Autuori takes over. A fall in Manizales, after an error by goalkeeper Kevin Mier, which complicates them in the championship auction. He has two games left and he has no margin for error.

the ugly

Expulsions that worry in the auction: The negative note, thinking about what is coming, was due to the expulsions of César Quintero (Deportivo Pasto), Fabio Delgado (Cortuluá), Mauricio Duarte (Águilas) and Ayron del Valle (Once Caldas).

Viera and Mier errors that cost points: Junior barely rescued a draw against Unión Magdalena, after the mistake of his captain Sebastián Viera, who unusually dropped a ball in the area. Another who did not have a good game was Kevin Mier, who committed a penalty for a child foul in the area.



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