Pablo Gutiérrez gives a great example of tennis at the Palencia Autumn Tournament

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The voice.- The Medinan Paul Gutierrez has risen to the title of champion in the consolation four of the ‘Autumn Tournament’ in Palencia, where he has shown a high level of tennis in the different matches he has played.

Gutiérrez began his tour of the Palencia tournament with a match against the number 2 seed, Jorge Domingo Cantero, in which Pablo won the first set, which was decided with a very tight tiebreak by 7/6. The good game of the tennis player from the Infinity Tennis club and the moment of the season in which Gutiérrez finds himself would make the second set another show, in which he would finally give up 5/7 against his rival. Already in the third sleeve, Pablo fought with everything, but finally would lose by 4/10 in the super tiebreak. A great game in which Pablo Gutiérrez resumed the competition rhythm after more than six months, and where he managed to stand up to the number 2 seed.

The following weekend the Infinity Tennis player took the consolation draw after a first victory against Luis Ángel Collantes in two sets 6/2 6/1. His last game was against José Jiménez Casaus in a final culminating in a result of 6/3 6/1which allowed him to win the title of consolation.

From Infinity Tennis they wanted to congratulate the man from Medina for his progress in training and for the high level shown in Palencia this October.

Interclubs between ‘Club Raqueta and Infinity Tennis

Next November 5th an Interclub day has been prepared between the ‘Club Raqueta’ from Valladolid and ‘Infinity Tennis’ from Medina del Campo. It will take place from 4:00 p.m. at the Pablo Cáceres Sports Center, where a day of tennis will be experienced through this exchange of players where they will be able to practice the sport they like the most. There are limited places, so Infinity Tennis encourages you to participate by contacting your coaches, Juan Manuel Esteban and Israel Dueñas.



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