Oviedo seeks solutions to the crisis: “Nothing is working”

The first crisis of the season has come unexpectedly. No one, not even the most pessimistic in the club, expected her two weeks ago. Now it is evident and not hidden. “Nothing is working. The plan doesn’t come out, the players don’t respond and even the defense, which had sustained us, is already failing us,” reflects a member of the club, already cold, after the harsh defeat against Cartagena, which has made jump alarms at all levels. The club appears concerned, but also calm. There are several keys.

The weakness at home, again. Just after the final whistle against Cartagena, the premise was clear: Bolo kept his position as coach, although his credit is not eternal. Confidence wanes. The position did not change with the passing of the hours. The concern is double in the entity and in Oviedo, who fired the team with a whistle. For one thing, the numbers are stubborn, especially at home. Such a bad start has not been remembered at Tartiere since the 2019/2020 season, in which relegation was flirted with since September. At that time, Oviedo had added four points out of a possible fifteen. The same as now, although back then he hadn’t even achieved a victory. Instead, he had only lost once. Now there are three losses at home. A slab for any team with aspirations. The Tartiere should be a fort and has become candy for rivals. But it is not only the figures that highlight the blue problem. The once vaunted sensations now turn against the Bolo team. “We did not have any option during the game,” they affect from the offices. Oviedo has 9 points. Last year at this point I was 11.

Bolo’s notebook, a system dance. The Oviedo coach has tried everything at this start of the League. Namely: three different game systems, several elevens and no team recognizable for its performance except for a stretch against Levante. Oviedo started with a 4-2-3-1 that has now been banished. Then he tried a 4-4-2, which disappeared in Lugo due to a system of three midfielders. Against Cartagena he returned to the scheme of two forwards, with Enrich and Bastón as permanent fixtures. Bolo’s team is unpredictable. What in other circumstances could be an advantage now becomes a clear sign of weakness. A part of the locker room admits that Bolo’s plan does not work.

Several players, far from their best level. The causes of the crisis that are considered in the club not only point to the coach. The players do not get rid of the bad moment. Only Tomeu seems to be in top form. Costas, Tarín, Pomares, Luismi, Viti, Bastón, Enrich… None of the heavyweights is fine. Nor are the summer signings finding their level. In fact, the preparation of the squad is also in question after this start of the League. One fact: there is overbooking of midfielders (6) and no undisputed starter in that position.

Accumulation of parties to react. Bolo, except for a drastic change of plans, will have the opportunity to turn the crisis around on Sunday in Zaragoza. The calendar can be an ally: the accumulation of games (three next week) is one of the factors that tips the balance towards its continuity. Oviedo will play against Zaragoza, receive Huesca and travel to Albacete.



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