Outrage in Veracruz: teacher fired for wearing sneakers with the LGBT+ flag

On Sunday, October 9, the civil association “Soy Humano” denounced that a teacher was unjustifiably fired in a school in Veracruz for wearing tennis shoes with the LGBT+ flag, as the director of the institution assured that it was “a bad example” for students as it promoted gender ideology.

Biologist Alejandro Sálazar was fired on August 12 from the Instituto Olmeca private school after Pedro García Narcia, owner and director of the school, saw that he was using footwear referring to sexual diversity.

“His cell phone was snatched from his hands (so he wouldn’t record) and he was immediately arbitrarily fired, denied any role and even the payment corresponding to his fortnight; he was kicked out of the facilities as if he were a ‘criminal'”, exposed I am Human in a statement.

Some time later, the young teacher reported that the school authorities questioned him about his sexual orientation and summoned him to argue that his dismissal was because he “He was a bad example for the children” and consider homosexuality a disease.

The organization recalled that, in accordance with article 1 of the Mexican Constitution, institutions are obliged to respect the right to equality and non-discrimination based on sexual orientation.

After exposing the case of discrimination through social networks, the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor indicated that it was an unjustified dismissal and reiterated its willingness to address the complaint.


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