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After a long Corona break, a Bavarian championship for men and women could finally take place again. In order to achieve a respectable number of participants, the BJV sports officer Frauke Vortmann opened the event for non-Bavarians and even the surrounding nations.

Unfortunately, only 73 judokas turned up at the organizer TSV Munich-Großhadern, so that the women had to fight with only 14 participants (!) in combined weight classes. The men’s weight classes -66kg, -73kg and -81kg were well attended and, as usual, there was a double consolation round. For the remaining weight classes, it was also here in the pool system on the mat. Nevertheless, the participants enjoyed the judo ambience in the Siegi-Sterr-Halle, fought their ‘Open Bavarian Masters’ with commitment and beautiful techniques. The individual results can here be viewed.

The judo department of TSV Munich-Großhadern would like to thank all helpers and judges. The day was really enjoyed by everyone!

Text: Doris Auer, edited by Florian Ellmann

Photo: Yasmin Bock

Results: Open Bavarian Individual Championships for women and men 2022

-60 kg 6 TN
1. Benedict Carrots ASV Fuerth
2. Johannes Wendlinger 1. SC Gröbenzell
3. Jose Ryan da Silva Bruno ASV Neumarkt
3. Paul leader Meier Police SV Koenigsbrunn
5. Felix Schlosser TV Lenggries
5. Raphael Geiling TSV Roßtal
-66 kg 13 TN
1. Kevin Müller Leipzig Judo Club
2. Jonas Holtmann Police SV Koenigsbrunn
3. Marcus Geierhos SF Harteck Munich
3. Jannik Carrots ASV Fuerth
5. Mohammad Samim Mohammadi SG Eltmann
5. Patrick Malik TSV Dachau 1865
7. Alexander Ragulin SV Gold-Blau Augsburg
7. Christian Krueger 1. Fulda Judo Club
-73 kg 15 TN
1. Nikolas Menzl TSV Wacker 50 Neutraubling
2. Bastian Peters TG Munster
3. He will take care of himself Bahranifard Leipzig Judo Club
3. Lucas Kuttalek Judo-Club Achental
5. Albert Mann Police SV Koenigsbrunn
5. Philip Ohrt TSV Abensberg
7. Abdul Hadi He was poor Judo Club Dresden
7. Lorenz Zerle Police SV Koenigsbrunn
-81 kg 15 TN
1. Sebastian Kaun TSV Munich Grosshadern
2. Philipp Ampletzer TSV Grafing
3. Michael Graßer TSV Roßtal
3. Henning Brauninger TSV Munich Grosshadern
5. David Kuttalek Judo-Club Achental
5. Alexander Lachner TSV Wemding
7. Lukas Ohneiser TSV Munich Grosshadern
7. Juuso Taneli Sharp Judo Club Dresden
-90 kg 6 TN
1. Daniel Neuberger TSV Wacker 50 Neutraubling
2. Jonathan Bischoff Judo Team Ansbach
3. Kenneth Haas 1.FC Rötz
3. Florian Fast TSV Wemding 1892
5. Felix Müller Police SV Koenigsbrunn
5. Stefan Barthelmann Post SV Bayreuth
-100 /+100kg 4 TN
1. Simon sword TV Landshut 1964
2. Dionisios Siok TSV Abensberg
3. Jonathan engraver TSV Wemding
3. Ingo Sievers Samurai Munich
-52 kg 4 TN
1. Leonie Zeller TuS Holzkirchen
2. Heike Birner TSV Abensberg
3. Marlene Gehring Post SV Bamberg
3. Lillian Siebert SC U.-Germering
-57/-63 kg 6 TN
1. Yvonne Grünewald TSV Altenfurt
2. Luise peace SC DHfK Leipzig
3. Marit Brix TV Elsava  Elsenfeld
3. Johanna Bloehs DJK Ingolstadt
5. Emily Lorenz 1.FC Rötz
5. Sabrina Ballenberger JC Fürstenfeldbruck
-70/-78 kg 4 TN
1. Sarah Grünewald TSV Altenfurt
2. Helene Covenant Leipzig Judo Club
3. Elisabeth Seidl TSV Feldkirchen
3. Lena Maric TuS Traunreut




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