Once Caldas: journalist denounces threats from President Tulio Mario Castrillón | Harassment | football curiosities

Once Caldas lost its undefeated home game in the BetPlay II-2022 League this Saturday, falling 0-1 to Jaguares de Córdoba in a match on date 15. The defeat at the Palogrande stadium left it out of the top eight in the league table. positions, and fans are already showing annoyance and concern about the campaign in the second half of the year.

White has 5 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses; with 22 points added, his return is 48.8%, which leaves him in debt to his people.

However, the president of the club, Tulio Mario Castrillón, seems to see enemies in the press, and distances himself from the sporting inconveniences that have him struggling with the objective of classifying the home runs.

According to reports by journalist Cristian Hernández, from the journalistic group ‘The Voices of Footballof RCN Radiothe Once Caldas leader would have threatened and harassed them.

Castrillón would have come down from his box in the Palogrande to approach the communicator at the end of the party’s press conference, to confront him and, shouting, threaten to put him and his companions in the radio group in jail.

“Surely (Castrillón) was on his way to the dressing room and when he saw me, he pointed to me and told me that the Prosecutor’s Office had already called us. I told him no and he replied that they were going to call us, because there is a criminal lawsuit against us (journalistic group), because of what we say in the little programs. He even added that there is an arrest warrant against two people. He told me that we were inciters, ”Hernandez told the newspaper. ‘Homeland’.

The president of Once Caldas did not mind the presence of other journalists and even the player Guillermo Celis. The idea was to confront the journalist who was part of the journalistic group, since certain comments that they have made on their program and soccer broadcasts bother him.

“Apparently, one of Castrillón’s discomforts with the journalistic group, according to Cristian Hernández, is because its director, Robinson Echeverry, has described him as the ‘worst president of Once Caldas in its entire history,'” reported the Manizales newspaper .



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