New kata competition form in BJV (also) for beginners

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All judoka, regardless of age and graduation, who enjoy judo and competitions can participate.

Each participating couple can create at least 5 consecutive forms from the well-known forms such as Nage no kata, Katame no kata, Kime no kata, Ju no kata, Kodokan goshin jutsu, Koshiki no kata, as well as Nage waza ura no kata, Rensa no kata or Itsutsu no kata Select and demonstrate techniques. So either a whole group or if the group is too big 5 consecutive techniques of a kata. If a technique of the nage no kata is executed, the execution on the right and on the left counts as a separate technique.

Depending on the number of participants, pools of 3-5 pairs will be drawn, regardless of the chosen kata. Based on the pool situation, several passes take place and each pair demonstrates a selected technique sequence for each competition pass. This means that each kata pair can show one or more technique groups multiple times on that tournament day. In each round you can show the same 5 techniques of a kata, or a different sequence. In each pool, points are awarded by the evaluators based on their performance. E.g. Pool 1 with 5 pairs, the best pair will be given 5, the 2nd best 4, the 3rd best 3, the 4th 2 and the 5th 1 point. Evaluation criteria are: principles of technology, the overall impression and the form.

Do you want to know more about it?

InForm on November 19th, 2022 in Iphofen for the first time at the start. Be there and get in shape.

Text and image: Heike Betz




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