Madness in Italy. A regular Arsenal player was involved in the supermarket tragedy

On Thursday evening, a huge tragedy occurred in an Italian supermarket. The unknown assailant pulled a knife from the shelf and attacked several people around him. Among them was Arsenal regular Pablo Marí, who is currently visiting Monza. One of the victims succumbed to his injuries and five other people, including Mari, are injured.

The attack happened in a supermarket in Assago, Italy. The 46-year-old man allegedly pulled a knife from the shelf and started stabbing people around him. One of the injured is the 29-year-old Italian Monza defender Pablo Marí, who is on loan from Arsenal in Serie A.

He should have been stabbed in the back and abdomen, but his life should not be in danger. After the Gunners’ Europa League game against PSV on Thursday, Arsenal coach Mikael Arteta said Marí should be fine. And now Monza chairman Adriano Galliani has also spoken. “Pablo says he was lucky,” the idiosyncratic chairman revealed to the media. It was Galliani who visited his ward in the hospital, and according to the latest news, Marí has ​​to undergo an operation. He should be fine though.

The aggressor who attacked in Assago was stopped by brave customers, and one of them was supposed to be former Inter Milan footballer Massimo Tarantino. After the visitors intervened, the man was arrested by the police and taken into police custody. It is not yet known what punishment he faces. However, according to reports from investigators, the attacker suffers from psychological problems.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica even managed to get a statement from one of the eyewitnesses. “We were at the bar and we thought it was some sort of robbery. We saw some boys and a lady running. Then we saw a few more people running out with distraught expressions and realized something serious was going on.” the witness revealed. The whole attack claimed one victim and five other people are injured.

The 29-year-old Spanish defender is on loan from Arsenal in Monza this season, where he will be until the end of this year. He played eight matches in Serie A this year, scoring one goal against Spezia. But he also has experience from the Premier League, in which he played fourteen duels. He also played one game in LaLiga for Mallorca. He managed to win the FA Cup once in his career, specifically in 2020 with Arsenal. With Flamengo, he won the title in the Brazilian league and with the same team also won the South American equivalent of the Champions League.


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