LIVE: Sobol gives Club more breathing room against KV Mechelen with some nice free kick | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 37′ – Doelpunt – Ferrán Jutglà (1 – 0)
  1. 59′ – Cont. Antonio Nusa by Roman Yaremchuk
  2. 58′ – Verv. Search Jutglà by Tajon Buchanan
  3. 53′ – Free kick goal – Eduard Sobol (2 – 0)

After the 0-3 defeat on Standard’s field, Club Brugge absolutely want to keep the points at home against KV Mechelen. With the CL clash against Atletico Madrid on the horizon, a good dress rehearsal is welcome. Follow the match live here from 8.45 pm.

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  1. second half, minute 67. Yaremchuk also collides with Coucke. The combinations continue to run smoothly at Club. Sobol puts the ball well back to Yaremchuk. He has the 3-0 at his feet, but again Coucke makes an excellent save. .
  2. second half, minute 66. Moved eerily close to the connecting goal. Suddenly another dot of an opportunity for KV Mechelen. Schoofs aims a long shot right over the intersection. Mignolet had been knocked. .
  3. second half, minute 61. Coucke keeps Nielsen from the 3-0. Club is increasing the pressure, KV Mechelen is having a hard time. Coucke blocks a cross from Sowah and has to flatten on a shot by Nielsen. The 3-0 is in the air. .
  4. second half, minute 59. The substitutes show themselves immediately. Nielsen sends Buchanan deep with an excellent pass. The Canadian is looking for Yaremchuk for goal, but Peyre can just work the cross into a corner. .
  5. second half, minute 59. Substitution at Club Brugge, Roman Yaremchuk in, Antonio Nusa out
  6. second half, minute 58. Substitution at Club Brugge, Tajon Buchanan in, Ferrán Jutglà out
  7. second half, minute 58. The match is over for Jutgla, he can already focus on the CL duel with Atletico Madrid. Nusa is also taken to the side. Their replacements are Buchanan and Yaremchuk. .
  8. second half, minute 57. Nusa not past Coucke. Nice action by Nusa, who clearly has nothing left from his collision. He cuts to his right and lashes out from the edge of the sixteen. Coucke prevents worse for KV Mechelen. .
  9. second half, minute 54. Nusa and Bates can continue their match after some patchwork. .
  10. second half, minute 54.
  11. Goal after free kick during second half, minute 53 by Eduard Sobol of Club Brugge. 2.0.
  12. second half, minute 53. Sobol makes it 2-0! Club Brugge is left with a free kick from the unfortunate collision and Sobol paints it nicely into goal. Double lead for Club. Is it over for KV Mechelen? .
  13. second half, minute 51. Hard collision. Aiaiai, solid clash between Nusa and Bates. They bang their heads together hard and both need grooming. It remains to be seen how extensive the damage is. .
  14. second half, minute 46. Jutgla is looking forward to it and immediately takes his chance with a shot from just outside the box. Not a bad attempt, but over Coucke’s goal. .
  15. second half, minute 46 match started
  16. second half, 9:47 pm. 2nd half. The ball rolls again on Jan Breydel. Has the hardest part been done for Club or can KV Mechelen still get the national champion in trouble? .
  17. first half, minute 47 match over
  18. first half, minute 46. Half time. It certainly didn’t go smoothly, but a dominant Club is ahead at half time against KV Mechelen. The inevitable Jutgla made the difference with his sixth league goal 10 minutes before half time. .
  19. first half, minute 41. No penalty. Onyedika lies far too easily in the box in a duel with Bolingoli. Referee Van Damme rightly allows play to continue. .
  20. first half, minute 39.


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