Leon shows a hopeful future in archery

Provincial Archery Championship.

At the gates of San Froilán and with a wonderful day for archery practice, the Delegation of León has celebrated the Provincial Championship

At the gates of San Froilán and with a great day for archery practice, the León Delegation has celebrated the Provincial Championship and last day of the Outdoor Archery League-2022, concluding the season in this unbeatable way 2021/22.

The modalities of Olympic bow, compound bow, traditional bow and Longbow were convened, in the category under 14 years mixed and absolute (rest). also mixed.

The awards ceremony was carried out by the councilor María Lourdes Victoria González Fernández, with the following archers being awarded: Open Air League Champion/22 – Olympic Arch, Jorge González Cubillas (Arco Lancia).


In the Olympic recurve bow, young people continue to hit hard, leaving the classification as follows: gold, Jorge González Cubillas (Arco Lancia); silver, Yeray González Fernández (Arqueros de Ponferrada); bronze, Alberto Rodríguez Torices (Leon Archers).

In Traditional bow: gold, Miguel Ángel Ferrero García (Arqueros León); silver, José Luis Rodríguez Blanco (Arco Lancia); and bronze, Pablo Escobar Zamora (Arqueros León).

In compound bow, first classified José Marcos Santamaría García (Lancia Bow)

Traditional Bow under 14 years old: 1st classified Darío Rodríguez Balboa (Arco Lancia); second classified Javier Rodríguez Balboa (Arco Lancia).



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