Kirk Hammett plays with Journey + Dave Mustaine is already a brown belt in martial arts

the leader of Megadeth, Dave Mustainehe is already a brown belt in ju-jutsu (o jiu-jutsu o jiu-jitsuaccording to different countries) at 61 years of age, two after obtaining the blue belt.

According to Wikipedia, the jujutsu (soft art) is a martial art Japanese classic that encompasses a wide variety of modern combat systems based on the unarmed defense of one or more aggressors. The modern schools and derivatives of the different schools of the ju-jutsu best-known Japanese classics are the judo and the aikidostill more popular today brazilian jiu jitsu.

In 2007 Mustaine said he started training taekwondo in 1999 and had previously done kung fu and other martial arts.

In one of the published images, the Megadeth guitarist also appears Kiko Loureiro in the same practice uniform but with a white belt.

Kirk Hammettguitarist of Metallicahe joined Journey hit the stage on Thursday night (October 6) in Hawaii to play Journey’s “Wheel in the sky,” and then the legendary AOR band rocked out with a snippet of Metallica’s “Enter sandman.” Here is the video of the moment.

  • Neal Schonguitarist for Journey, showed on social media how much fun he had had with Hammett on stage.


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