Jonathan Christie Advances to Top Eight


Jonatan Christie successfully advanced to the quarter-finals of the Denmark Open 2022 after defeating Lee Cheuk Yiu (Hong Kong) in the round of 16. It took him 67 minutes to win 17-21, 21-9, 21-19.

Appearing on Court 1 Arena Fyn, Thursday (20/10), Jojo has never been able to compete with his opponent’s points since the beginning of the first game. He’s always left behind. Left behind 3-9, he tried to catch up to 8-10, but Lee managed to close the interval with a score of 11-8.

After the break, Lee pulled away to 15-8, then 19-11. Jojo tried to narrow the gap to 17-20, but in the end Lee got the last point to close the first game with a score of 21-17.

In the second game, Jojo appeared more pressing at the start and quickly won 4-1, then 8-2. Jojo then made two errors when his shot went off the field, making the score 8-4.

The loss was paid for by Jojo with one smash and one cross drop shot which put him back six points ahead, 10-4. Lee added a point to 5-10, but Jojo closed the interval 11-5 after his straight smash came back in.

After the break, Jojo managed to maintain the momentum to continue to lead far. Although Lee had narrowed the distance to 8-12, Jojo was able to shoot up to 20-9. One smash Jojo failed to return Lee made the second game ended 21-9 for Jojo.

In the decider, Jojo started well and went deep 6-1, but Lee slowly closed the gap to 6-9. Jojo was finally able to close the interval with a score of 11-8.

After the break, Lee managed to stick to 11-12, but Jojo added 5 consecutive points to 17-11. Jojo remained ahead 19-15, but Lee managed to take four straight points to 19-19.

In a critical situation, Lee failed to return a shot at the edge of the net, giving Jojo a 20-19 lead. The 21-19 victory finally belonged to Jojo after Lee’s counter-punch hit the net again.

With this result, Jojo is entitled to a ticket to the last eight and will meet the winner between Lee Zii Jia (Malaysia) vs. Kanta Tsuneyama (Japan).



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