‘It is the most sacred and must be defended to the death’

Sergio Hernandez He spoke about the current status of his work in the face of the new challenge in Puerto Rico, where he will lead the Lions club. He also spoke of his time with the Argentine National Team and gave his perspective on the most important competition in the country: “The National Basketball League is the most sacred and must be defended to the death,” he assured.

“Oveja” referred to his work as head coach and before beginning his new project in Central America, where he will command the Leones de Puerto Rico, a team from the Superior National Basketball League. In dialogue with Télam, the coach said that he is still close to the LNB and that he misses the tranaj within the National Team.

“I am very close to the League permanently and if I lead elsewhere, it could be missed, but I have been on Argentine routes since 1990. I can still enjoy it, even if it is seeing it from the outside. Today I live in Buenos Aires where Obras, Ferro, San Lorenzo are, and I watch the games or I go to Mar del Plata and I watch Peñarol, Quilmes in the Argentine League, so I can enjoy it from another place, “said the coach of 58 years old during his time at Expo Deportes 2022, which takes place in Comodoro Rivadavia between October 27 and 30.

Sergio Hernández and all his experience as one of the guests at Expo Deportes 2022. / Photo: Martín Levicoy

The “Sheep” who will have his first experience as head coach of the Puerto Rican competition, remarked that from his place in basketball he rescues the existence of the National Basketball League, a competition created in 1984.

“I love La Liga, I consume it permanently and I believe that its creation -more than 30 years ago and with almost 40- is the greatest revolution that Argentine sport hadThat is why basketball explodes in the way it did, precisely because of the creation of the LNB”, acknowledged the coach from Santa Paula de Gálvez, Boca, Estudiantes de Olavarría, Peñarol de Mar del Plata, among others.

I will defend her to the death. She can have good and bad moments, better and worse seasons, but it is the most sacred and you have to defend her to the death”, he added.

The “Sheep”, who had two periods at the command of the national basketball team in which they were 9 years, recognized that it is the area that he misses the most as a person over that of a coach, where coexistence is one of those aspects that he values.

The Fairgrounds, the headquarters of the Sports Expo 2022, which had its inauguration with Sergio Hernndez present Photo Martn Levicoy
The Fairgrounds, the headquarters of the Sports Expo 2022 that had its inauguration with Sergio Hernández present./ Photo: Martín Levicoy

“When the time comes for tournaments like the Copa América, and not to mention the World Cup, I obviously miss coexistence, being together for two months, with games, trips, players, the coaching staff and day to day”, assured the medal coach bronze at the 2012 London Olympics.

“Beyond the technology and knowledge that exists today, it is something handmade that generates a transformation every day. From seeing you once a year, you start living together and experiencing emotions such as the illusion of having a challenge ahead, putting on your shirt, representing the country, singing the anthem. Today I enjoy that someone else can do it”, valued the Bahiense.

Hernández put an end to his work as Head Coach of Argentina after playing the World Cup in China and, asked if the runner-up obtained in that competition takes a greater preponderance, said that he valued each achievement that contributed to the prestige of national basketball .

Argentina was runner-up in the world in China 2019 with Sergio Hernndez as coach
Argentina was runner-up in the world in China 2019 with Sergio Hernández as coach.

“I automatically took courage because I am the oldest and I know what it costs to get there, what it cost and what it will cost to return and be in that place again,” he analyzed.

“But it is true that as time passes and one sees how difficult it was, one becomes aware of the runner-up, the bronze medal in Beijing 2008, the gold medal in Athens 2002, not to mention, the semi-finals in London. , of so many beautiful things experienced by the national basketball”, he concluded.

The mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia Juan Pablo Luque with Sergio Hernndez at the Sports Expo 2022 FotoMartn Levicoy
The mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, Juan Pablo Luque, together with Sergio Hernández at the 2022 Sports Expo. / Photo:Martín Levicoy

Hernández was the special guest of Expo Deportes 2022.

In charge of opening the activity was the mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia and former president of Gymnastics and Fencing, Juan Pablo Luque, who stated that “sport is a clear example of the transformation that we intend to leave in the city.”

For his part, the head of the Commodore Sports Entity, Hernán Martínez indicated that “sport provides a service to the community and the possibility of educating, containing and being supportive. Today Commodore lives beautiful moments. There is a State present and sport is characterized by teamwork and team play and that is the example we must follow”, concluded the official



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