Haaland and Mbappé are within range

The pieces of the puzzle of the first swords in world football, Haaland (22) and Mbappé (23), have been repositioning themselves until both have once again been within range of Real Madrid. And not because it is a situation that the white club has sought. After the Norwegian chose City last summer and the Frenchman PSG, Madrid have not made a move again. But The information regarding the contracts of the two footballers does not stop circulating and clearly favors the interests of Madrid for the nearest future.

In the case of Haaland, there is a clause in his contract that allows him to change airs in 2024 for 180 million euros, a bargain for the striker of the moment. In the case of Mbappé, as RMC has reported in recent hours, He wants to leave PSG this same winter market because he feels cheated by the Parisian entity. In any case, he renewed until 2024 with an option for one more year, but this is a clause that can only be activated by him and not PSG, according to L’Equipe. So, Haaland and Mbappé are once again within range of Real Madrid, both for the summer of 2024.

The case of Mbappe.

It has exploded in the last few hours. RMC reported his disappointment at PSG and his intention to leave as soon as possible. At Real Madrid they are cautious. The disappointment that he did not keep his word and left the white entity in the dark last summer is still very close. There are even those who see this movement as a measure of pressure from the French star to PSG so that it does not renew Messi and so that Neymar takes the same door as the Argentine.

However, at Real Madrid they assure that they are not behind this latest move by the footballer. Everything is now a mystery around him. The normal thing is for PSG to follow the same path they chose before, to make sure that Mbappé fulfills until the last day of his contract (which seems to end in the summer of 2024. For that, he signed the highest contract in football history: 90 million euros gross per season (each of those three possible years in Paris) and a bonus of 125 million euros that he received for renewing.

It is obvious that Madrid will not reach those figures in any case, even more so after what happened last summer. “This is not the Mbappé that I wanted to bring, it is another, he must have changed his dream”, said Florentino Pérez to Josep Pedrerol in the Chiringuito after the French communicated to him, by a WhatsApp message, that he would not come to Madrid: Florentino: I inform you that I have decided to stay at PSG. I want to thank him for the opportunity he has given me to play for Real Madrid, the club I have been a fan of since I was little. I hope you will be understanding with my decision. I wish him the best of luck in the European Cup final”. But in football, time heals everything.

Haland’s case.

Guardiola revived the controversy over the clause that there is in Haaland’s contract that allows him to leave the English entity in 2024 (only two years after signing), although for an astronomical figure: 200 million according to The Athletic, 180 according to the information handled by AS. “There is no termination clause for Real Madrid or for any other team. That’s all I can say. Rumors, people talking… We can’t control that. The important thing is that Haaland has adapted well. I have a feeling he’s incredibly happy here. That’s what we try here to make people stay. May he be tremendously happy. He is incredibly loved by everyone and this is the most important thing”, said the Catalan coach.

But The Athletic, an English media outlet that has a very good relationship with the company of the late Raiola, who was the one who revealed the existence of that clause a few months ago, responded to what Guardiola said with new information. The clause exists, according to The Athletic, but it is only applicable to foreign teams. In this way, the main teams of the Premier, United, Chelsea or Liverpool, fall out of the fight for the Norwegian, which will be reduced, if Haaland wants to leave), to Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG.

With Haaland, Real Madrid have already come a long way. Mino Raiola and the player’s father kept the door of the Bernabéu open until the end. In fact, as AS learned from direct sources of the Norwegian, Haaland was waiting for Real Madrid before saying yes to City. But when he saw that his commitment to Mbappé was firm and that Benzema was still in the team, he looked at Guardiola’s team.

For City, taking Haaland was a bargain. He only paid 60 million euros plus 30 in commissions. He only paid that money because Raiola included that clause in the contract, when he went from Salzburg to Dortmund. And that clause, to go to City, was also non-negotiable. Although Raiola had already passed away, he outlined the entire negotiation. A brilliant move in case Haaland wasn’t happy in England. He has started as a shot, but in 2024 he will have the possibility of choosing again.


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