Football is a family affair at Asgu, in Guérigny

It’s not yet a game of seven families, but we’re getting close. Three households are now very involved in the blacksmith club, starting with the Simoes.

The father, Miguel, is the president of the section, while the mother, Anne-Cécile, provides cash, while keeping the goals of the new women’s team. Their two children follow closely, since Lorène plays with her mother and Pierre is part of the U18 team. Their motivations are not new. “Football rocked us, my wife and me, through our fathers. We came back late, when our son started playing. It has always seemed normal to us to accompany him, even today, even if the teenager that he is would sometimes prefer the opposite…”, explains Miguel.

Common values

Taking up his president’s armband, he adds: “We are committed, we spend time there. Finally, we realize that the circle of friends quickly integrates football people, then the children, the match buddies… All of this forms a whole, with its good and bad times, but above all with values ​​that we share. “. Its credo is simple: always for the pleasure of being together, at the service of the club’s licensees.

At the Rogers, Stéphane combines the functions of educator, goalkeeper coach, player in the B team and capacity referee (replacement of an absentee). His wife, Sandrine, has also just joined the women’s team, along with their daughter, Marjolaine. As for Lilian, the son, he has been, for several years, an indisputable holder of the eleven pennant.

Asgu: bounce back, while keeping your values

In this home too, we fell into it when we were little. “I have been playing football since I was four years old. A passion transmitted by my father, who is at the origin of the creation of the Coulanges-lès-Nevers club. When our son was born, football was a must, especially after the victory of the French team in 1998! “recalls Stéphane.

Their daughter, she wanted to try football, in Nevers, before the health crisis. “The idea of ​​setting up a women’s team in Guérigny motivated the mother and daughter to practice a sport together, then the father to supervise. With us, football is no longer seen as a constraint, but as a family event. »

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Finally, Roseline Chalumot takes care of the club’s secretariat, while Jocelyn, her spouse, is the manager. Their son, Theo, plays in U18. It is he who is behind the investment of this family, which has always been passionate about football: “We got involved as leaders when our son started playing in Guérigny, at 6 years old. This was a good thing, because we really wanted to work for an association”.



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