DHB announces processing after allegations

Dhe German Handball Federation (DHB) has announced an “independent and external review” by a commission of experts following the allegations of psychological violence in women’s handball. The critical questioning of one’s own approach has begun, the thorough review of the processes in the prevention of violence and the early detection of possible incidents will be promptly launched, according to a statement from the association on Wednesday.

The allegations against a long-time Bundesliga and DHB coach that have become known give a “shattering picture” in total and in scope. The coach’s legal counsel told the FAZ on request that there would be no public statement at the moment.

Commission of experts should be given time

At the DHB executive committee meeting next Friday in Leipzig, a “commission independent of the association and made up of renowned people” is to be commissioned with the investigations “which should primarily clarify which conditions and structures can lead to sexualized and psychological violence and which ones There are ways and means to better prevent this in the future and to strengthen the self-confidence of young athletes in particular”. The association’s presidium agreed on this in a video conference on Wednesday.

“Handball must not be a playing field for violence,” said DHB President Andreas Michelmann: “It is important to me that we review our processes seriously, conscientiously and in detail and improve necessary structures where necessary. In order to do this seriously, we have to take the necessary time despite the public pressure of expectations.” He is in constant contact with the team through co-captain Emily Bölk.

“If we want parents to bring their children to sport with a clear conscience in the future, we have to use the present case to uncover the structures that have led to a culture of silence and wafting in the realm of rumours,” said the head of the association: ” Ultimately, it is mostly young athletes who suffer.”

He has the impression, said Michelmann, that the current case is “only at the beginning of a big wave that affects not only the German Handball Association, but sport in general. In the past, other associations have attempted to address this issue primarily legally. In my opinion, however, the problem is more comprehensive and runs deeper.” The solution to this problem will be “of existential importance for German sport in the coming years. That is why we once again support the establishment of the nationwide Center for Safe Sport as a joint initiative of the DOSB, dsj and BMI.”


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