Curious fact that links América and Cali Feminino with the U-17 World Cup in India | Colombian Soccer | Women’s Football

It is no secret to anyone that no one wants to miss out on the opportunity to represent their country at the World Cup. That is the case of Linda Caicedo, Juana Ortegón and Orianna Quintero, among other players of the Colombian U-17 Women’s National Team who historically qualified for the quarterfinals in India. Never in the four past participations of the national team, had they been able to settle in the next phase by passing the group phase.

However, there is always a first time, and this was the opportunity for Carlos Paniagua’s U-17 Colombian National Team. With very little time on the bench, the man from Antioquia who was runner-up with Deportivo Independiente Medellín Formas Íntimas in 2019 against América de Cali managed to qualify for the U-17 and U-20 World Cups as second in the South Americans behind Brazil.

In the U-20 World Cup in Costa Rica, Linda Caicedo, Gabriela Rodríguez, Ana María Guzmán, among others, stunned the world with the historic victory against Germany in the group stage. Now, in the U-17, they also won the past by entering the quarterfinals where they will face each other against other debutants in the World Cup and, above all, in that instance: Tanzania. You don’t have to trust yourself against an African rival where speed can change the course of the game.

Colombia also has that explosion in speed with Linda Caicedo, Yésica Muñoz, Gabriela Rodríguez, the start on the wings with Ana María Guzmán, and extremes like Juana Ortegón and Orianna Quintero. Curiously, except for Guzmán and Muñoz, the others play for Cali and América, but it would not be the only thing to mention.

It turns out and happens that Deportivo Cali and América, who managed to pass their groups with a perfect score and were also able to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Women’s Copa Libertadores, did so without Linda Caicedo or Juana Ortegón for the sugar companies, nor with Gabriela Rodríguez or Orianna Quintero. for scarlets. Curiously, Linda, Juana and Orianna have been essential for the national team’s goals throughout the first phase.

So far, the national team has scored four goals in the U-17 World Cup in India. Three from Linda Caicedo to be exact, but she is not alone, as Juana Ortegón surprised with a saber to beat Renatta Cota, goalkeeper from Mexico. In addition to scoring a great goal, Ortegón also assisted Linda against China and Orianna Quintero also assisted Caicedo in that same match.

América and Deportivo Cali miss these players in the Copa Libertadores, but it has not been a problem to get into the top eight institutions of the club competition. In addition, they are happy about this curious situation, hoping that against Tanzania there will be more contributions from scarlet and sugar players. The Valle del Cauca clubs shake hands in incidents of goals.


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