Cristiano Ronaldo and his favorite sneakers that combine with everything

Is about sneakers unisex that do not cost more than 3,000 Mexican pesos and that you can find in all white, in black and with details in color, there are even some interesting collaborations and new ones appear regularly.

Nike Air Max 90

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.Daniele Badolato / Getty Images

Cristiano appeared wearing these sneakers as part of his pre-game uniform, made up of brown dress pants, an orange long-sleeved polo shirt and white sneakers that create a perfect contrast.

also called Air Max IIIthese shoes (which also cost less than 3,000 Mexican pesos) were launched in 1990 and quickly became an iconic model, with a sporty and retro style which makes it a perfect option for those looking for comfort, but also a touch of cool elegance. Cristiano wears them in white, because it’s an easy color to wear, but there are a million options to choose from.

Nike Air Max 270 React

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Other of the favorite sneakers of Cristianofor use when relaxing off the pitch, are the Air Max 270 React (also less than 3,000 Mexican pesos), which are identified by their air bag in the back of the sole.

This is a model that has only been launched a few years and has the latest sneaker technology, to offer maximum comfort and support, as well as a great style inspired by sports and the history of the Air Max line.

Cristiano’s are mainly white with touches of blue, but this is another model of sneakers that you can also find in all kinds of colors.



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