Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 already have programming

San Salvador and the Dominican Republic have already officially presented the competitions and days that the sports of next year’s sports competition will have

San Salvador is already throbbing for the Central American and Caribbean Games that will be played from June 23 to July 8 in two venues, San Salvador and the Dominican Republic, according to the agreement reached by both nations to give life to the fair that will qualify in 14 sports for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The Selecta shirt will be at the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games

This will be the schedule of the Central American and Caribbean Games:

Headquarters San Salvador

Weightlifting (June 23 to 27)
Speed ​​skating (June 23 to 26)
indoor volleyball (June 23 to 30)
swimming (June 24 to 29)
artistic swimming (June 24 to 28) – Qualifies team and duets to Pan American
women’s basketball (June 24 to 28)
women’s handball (June 24 to 29) – Classifies Pan American champion
Remo (June 24 to 28)

Bryan Pérez on the WSL date on national soil. Photo HRE/ Menly Cortez

Surf (June 24 to 29)
Table tennis (June 24 to 29)
Vela (June 24 to July 1) – Qualifies men, women and mixed to Pan American
Beach volleyball (June 24 to 27)
Chess (June 25 to 29)
Badminton (June 25 to 30)
Baseball (June 25 to July 1) – Classifies Pan American champion
MTB cycling (June 25) – Men and women qualify for the Pan American Games

World champion Yuri Rodríguez wants to stand out even more in bodybuilding. Photo Courtesy Indes.

bodybuilding (June 25th)
Artistic gymnastics (June 25 to 29)
Netball (June 25 to 29)
Rugby 7 (June 25 to 27)
men’s softball (June 25 to 28)
Sport’s shot (June 25 to July 4) – Qualifies men and women to Pan American
Football (June 26 to July 5)
fights (June 26 to 28)
Track cycling (June 27 to July 1)
Bowling (June 28 to July 4) – Men and women qualify for the Pan American Games
Baloncesto 3×3 (June 30 to July 2)

Carlos Arias will play the tournament with the 3×3 National Team. He was at the World Cup in France.

Boxing (June 30 to July 6)
BMX (June 30th)
nailed (July 1 to 6)
water pole (July 1 to 7) – Classify champions to Pan American
men’s basketball (July 1 to 5)
Tennis (July 1 to 7)
men’s handball (July 2 to 7) – Classifies Pan American champion
Fencing (July 2 to 7)
Beach Soccer (July 2 to 7)

Beach World Cup player Elmer Robles performs a Chilean during one of the matches of the 2021 Ravenna World Cup. Photo: Courtesy Indes

Rhythmic gymnastics (July 2 to 4)
archery (July 2 to 6) – Men and women qualify for the Pan American Games
Athletics (July 2 to 8) – Classifies champion of each event to Pan American
Golf (July 4 to 7)
Judo (July 4 to 7)
girls softball (July 4 to 7)
Open waters (July 5 to 7) – Men and women qualify for the Pan American Games
Road cycling (July 5 to 7)
trampoline gymnastics (July 5 to 7)
Karate do (July 5 to 7)
triathlon (July 5 to 7). – Classifies the Pan American Games in mixed

Salvadoran rider Bernardo López jumps over an obstacle during a past competition in the country. Photo: EDH Archive

Headquarters Dominican Republic

Rafting (June 24 to 26)
equestrian (June 24 to July 3) – Classifies dressage, full test and jump to Pan Americans
Pentathlon (June 24 to 28)
Racquetball (June 24 to July 1)
Field hockey (June 28 to July 7) – Men’s and women’s champion and runner-up qualify for the Pan American Games
Clay pigeon shooting (July 2 to 7)
Taekwondo (July 4 to 7).




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