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The BetPlay Tournament 2022-2 It was exciting in this second semester, since there are only four teams classified for the final homers of the promotion, but where on date 16 everything will focus on those who are still fighting for a place in the top eight of the second division of Colombia.

The only ones qualified for the promotion party are Fortaleza, who for the second year in a row will be the protagonist of the final phases, while they are also accompanied by Deportes Quindío Tigres and Llaneros, who already have a fixed place and will play to define positions.

The anguish to qualify falls on nine teams, who will have to win their games to maintain their position, since there are only four spots and the table is tight for some, where from eighth to thirteenth position, they are separated by just three points.

Of the historical ones that fight in this last day are Boyacá Chicó, Atlético Huila and Cúcuta Deportivowhere the boyacenses together with the opitas, have the first option to classify, since at the moment they occupy the fifth and seventh position respectively.

Of the three greats that dispute their entry to the promotion party, Atlético Huila is one of those that has a very difficult outlook, because they must face a direct rival that is also fighting for their permanence as Atlético de Cali, which is in the sixth position with 23 points, one more than the opitas.

Another of those who will not have an easy time staying in the qualifiers will be Boyacá Chicó, who will have to play against the qualifier Llaneros and must add at least one point to be sure. However, the level of those from Tunja is worrying, as they have five games without a victory.

On the other hand, at the bottom there are several who are looking for a good result to enter and there is another historic one like Cúcuta Deportivo, who will face Tigres in General Santander, looking for three points that leave him with the option of adding 22 points, but they will have to wait for a defeat by Huila and Barranquilla, who have the same units and, in addition, the goal difference will count to achieve classification.

Teams like Real Santander with 21 points, Bogotá with 20, Leones and Boca Juniors de Cali with 19 units, also seek to win their respective matches to have the possibility of reaching the select group, but it is quite complex due to their poor goal difference.

Position table BetPlay Tournament 2022-2

1 CEIF Fortress – 25 points
2 Quindío – 25 points
3 Tigres FC – 25 points
4 Llaneros – 24 points
5 Boyaca Chico – 23 points
6 Atletico FC – 23 points
7 Atletico Huila – 22 points
8 Barranquilla – 22 points

9 Real Santander – 21 points
10 Bogota FC – 19 points
11 Cucuta Deportivo – 19 points
12 Lions – 19 points
13 Boca Juniors Cali – 19 points
14 Real Cartagena – 16 points
15 Valledupar – 10 points
16 Orsomarso – 7 points

This is how date 16 of the BetPlay 2022-2 Tournament will be played

October 8th

Atlético Huila vs. Atlético FC
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: William Plazas Alcid
Television: Win

Barranquilla FC vs. Orsomarso SC
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: Romelio Martinez

Boca Juniors de Cali vs Real Santander
Time: 4:05 pm
Pascual Guerrero stadium

Bogotá FC vs Real Cartagena
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: Metropolitan Roof

Boyaca Chico vs Llaneros FC
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: Independence
Television: Win Online

Cucuta Deportivo vs. Tigers F.C.
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: General Santander
Television: Win+

Sports Quindío vs. lions fc
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: Centennial
Television: Win Online

CEIF Fortress vs. Valledupar FC
Time: 4:05 pm
Stadium: Municipal de Chia


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