BetPlay League 2022 date 20: lowest score to qualify in tournaments of 20 clubs | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The BetPlay League entered its final auction date. Day 20 of the championship, to find out which will be the eight classifieds that will play the home runs. Eight games will be played on Sunday, all of them simultaneously due to fair play.

Direct duels, crosses and those clubs that will seek to secure themselves in finals and others, to ratify their place as seeded heads. On the other hand, some take out a calculator and mount odds, to get closer to a miracle, given the odds.

In the three recent tournaments, clubs have qualified with 29 units. Despite this, the trend is to change due to duels, accounts and possible results on the last day of the championship.

Águilas and Medellín are already inside with 32 units. The eighth that is Millionaires has 29 points, behind comes the batch with the same score and up to 27, with Equity dreaming. In the recent trend and since playing with 20 clubs, the minimum number to reach the finals was 27 units, achieved by Once Caldas in 2018-I.


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