Basketball, Serie D: Tromello in ease in Voghera (39-83)

On the fourth day in Serie D, Tromello Basketball concedes an encore going to win easily in Voghera against an Olympia that is a young team, but not too talented (39-83). The Lomellino quintet had a good approach to the game, both in defense and in attack, which made it possible to acquire a good margin from the beginning (6-23 at 10 ‘) which then gradually increased with a good performance of all the team.

Tromello basketball Botteri 22, Gbessou 18, Maestri 9, Zucca 9, Carandini 8, De Martino 7, Farina 4, Orsenigo 4, Locatelli 2, All. Bocca.

Last week coach Gerosa talked about progress from his boys. Progress that the Ussgb has revealed in an even more evident way on the field of Cava Manara where the abbiatensi were defeated 84-72, but after having maintained control of the match for a long time against one of the most accredited teams in the group. The Ussgb in fact closed the first quarter ahead (19-22), but it was in the second set that it stretched with greater decision, reaching the long break on +10 (32-42). At the resumption of the game the predictable reaction of Nova Cava: on 30 ‘the USSGB retains a length of margin (59-60), and then succumbs in the last period to the greater experience of the hosts.

Ussgb Abbiategrasso Pirovano 22, G. Facchi 13, Bettanti 10, Laverone 10, Litfi 5, Chlaika 4, Mangiarotti 4, Rossi Raccagni 4, Stamps. Herds Gerosa.

During the week on the Cat the tile fell from the serious injury suffered in training by Stefano Werlich whoalone, he got his Achilles tendon ruptured. A few years ago the player had recovered from the same problem in the other leg, but at 37 springs it is very difficult to succeed a second time. Shaken by this loss, However, the Boselli quintet did not fail to fight last night at the PalaBasletta against Rozzano. The Milanese won 66-78, but the young ducals did not disfigure. The gap can only be ascribed to the first quarter, lost by 17-25, while the other fractions were all in equilibrium.

Cat Vigevano Tagliavini 26, Nicola 13, D’Angelo 12, Pisati 6, Spaccasassi 4, Barbieri 3, Musai 2, Faccendini, Lion, Oggioni, Vigone; ne Soncin. Herds Boselli.

At the end of the day, tomorrow evening the Pro Vigevano will be engaged in Milan on the Aurora field in an attempt to redeem the last two heavy defeats.


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