Baseball game ends in mass brawl: Life from sports court | Regional

Baseball game ends in mass brawl |

Life from the sports court

Hamburg – The small, hard ball flew straight towards the head, and then there was malicious laughter…

So it happened that a baseball game (2nd Bundesliga) between the men of the Eisenbahner Turn- und Sportverein and the Kiel Seahawks ended prematurely in 2019 – mass brawl! Trial for grievous bodily harm on Thursday.

accused: Rafael B. (40, boxer) and Joel C. (31), they are said to have been the first to hit four Kielers!

The first witness was a railway player player (48), he said indignantly: “He made our player look ridiculous!” The referee also remembered: “Yes, the thrower was very happy, that’s how it started.”

But who hit whom back then could no longer be clarified on Thursday.

That’s why the public prosecutor nodded when it was suggested that the proceedings against the silent defendants be discontinued: “Both have been clearly sanctioned by the sports court.”

The sports court fined B. and C. 1,000 euros each and gave them a lifelong ban. C. has recently been allowed to play again, but B. hasn’t picked up a baseball bat since then.



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