Arica al día – Judo team ready to represent Arica and Parinacota in the #JDE2022 national

Judo team ready to represent Arica and Parinacota in the #JDE2022 national

3 October, 2022 // Sports, National, Society

This Sunday night they traveled to the ninth region, venue of this tournament, convinced of emulating historical achievements. The competition will take place between October 4 and 5 at the Pucón Sports Center.

Thirteen young athletes, two technicians and a delegate, make up the men’s and women’s judo team that will represent Arica and Parinacota in the national final of this discipline of the School Sports Games, which will take place on October 4 and 5 in Pucón, and that was formed after a very massive and high-level selection that took place in the month of September at the Colodep Gym.

On the occasion, Dominique Barra Ardiles (-40 kg) from North American College; Damarits Fumey Mura (-48 kg) from the Alta Cordillera School; Victoria Vargas Mazzei (-53 kg) from North American College; Catalina Sepúlveda Saavedra (-58 kg) from the Liceo Domingo Santa María; Mariana Rodríguez Fernández (-64 kg) from Colegio San Marcos and Martina Jorquera Moraleda (+64 kg) from Colegio Adventista. His coach is the former national team Jessica Usnayo Choque and the Delegate Dolores Le-Blanc Molina.

Meanwhile, the men’s representative, which will be led by former national team player Ítalo Córdova Alata, was made up of students from the North American College, Lucas Escobar Estai (-40 kg) and Fabio Flores Monzones (-53 kg). From the Esmeralda School, Jhon Aquino Capajique (-44 kg) and Eddy Molina Anticoy (-64 kg). Luis Viza Aguilera (-48 kg) from Colegio El Roble, Gabriel Vargas Mederos (-58 kg) from Liceo Integrado Eduardo Frei Montalva and Pablo Jorquera Moraleda (+64 kg) from Colegio Adventista ends their payroll.

The athletes received from the Seremi del Deporte, Lino Mamani Vicente, and the Regional Director (S) of the IND, Mauricio Reyes Meniconi, the official sportswear of the delegation. On the occasion, the commitment of these young people with the discipline they cultivate was highlighted.

“We know that on the tatami that will be set up over the Pucón Sports Center, athletes from Arica and Parinacota will fight again to elevate the name of our region to the top of the podium. The level of regional competition thus envisions it. From our city we will continue to monitor the actions and support each one of them with our best spirit, ”said the Seremi del Deporte.

The judo delegation left last night for the ninth region and will return on October 6.



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