AltkreisBlitz: Police catch burglars


In the early morning hours of October 8, 2022, a suspicious person was reported to the Burgwedel police in the main street area in Isernhagen. When checking the 31-year-old man from Bavaria, it was found that he was carrying items for which he could not provide proof of ownership. He had a club-like baseball bat, work shoes, and a table lamp under one.

Initial investigations revealed that the person had already appeared to the police during the previous night. At that time, she did not have these items with her. Since a lawful acquisition could not be ruled out in view of the night time, appropriate measures were initiated.

Almost three hours after this check, the owner of the objects in question reported. On the basis of his information it can therefore be said that the person checked in all probability took the objects from the Audi parked on Erdbrandweg in Großburgwedel and went to Isernhagen with them.


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