Alfredo Arias talked about the classic that Santa Fe won against Millonarios and the changes he made | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Santa Fe lived an important match in the 308 classic against Millonarios and managed to win 3-2, coming back from two goals, which finally left it with three important points to stay within the eight qualifiers of the 2022-2 BetPlay League.

For this reason, the Santa Fe coach, Alfredo Arias, talked about the crazy game he had against Millonarios and what were the keys to beating the best team of the current season, but he also rescued the attitude of his players in the second half to end up winning.

“This team and these boys have shown that they are competitive and normally when you need or lack something, there is the ability to reveal yourself well,” Arias stressed at a press conference.

Likewise, he talked about what he suffered against Millonarios in the first half and hence the value of winning three points that bring him closer to the classification, since he had to deal with an expulsion and an unfavorable score.

“The starting line-up was more orderly, but Millonarios outperformed us just the same. Beyond that, we tried to continue playing and give him speed in the middle of the court upwards. In addition, I make the changes convinced, but we have not been able to have a stable roster for suspended, injured and summoned”, said Arias.

Finally, the Uruguayan coach also congratulated the fans from Santa Fe who were at the El Campín stadium, where, according to him, they were essential to achieve this comeback and come close to qualifying. “The fans played a great game and our people are to be admired. It is in the genetics of Santa Fe,” he concluded.

With this result, Santa Fe reached 28 points, placed second in the standings behind Millonarios and hopes against Alianza Petrolera to continue winning to stay in the eight classifieds.



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