A son of Laporta arrested accused of ill-treatment of his partner

Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona. / efe

Guillem Laporta was before the classic in a restaurant near the Bernabéu when he began to shake and threaten the woman


Guillem Laporta, the middle son of Joan Laporta, was arrested this Sunday afternoon in a restaurant in the center of Madrid for allegedly mistreating his partner, just an hour before the start of the classic played at the Santiago Bernabéu. The son of the president of Barcelona began to shake and threaten his partner in front of the rest of the diners who were in a place on Miguel Ángel street, near the Real Madrid stadium.

It was some escorts of a government minister who were in the restaurant who called the police after seeing the behavior of Laporta’s son. When the agents of the National Police appeared, the young man was also aggressive with them, and resisted being arrested. Guillem Laporta even had to be administered a sedative by the Samur health services.

After his arrest, the son of the top leader of the Barça club was transferred to the offices of the Family and Women’s Care Units (UFAM) -Joan Laporta also appeared-, where the investigation proceedings were processed. Although according to various sources the partner of Joan Laporta’s son will not report the alleged assault, he is accused of a crime of ill-treatment and in the next few hours he is expected to go to court.


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