2022 World Cup: La’eeb, the official mascot who has no foot

Zabivaka, the wolf of the Russian World Cup returned to the locker room, place in La’eeb. The official mascot of the 2022 World Cup was presented last April, during the draw. In Arabic, La’eeb means “very talented player”, a surprising choice when this living keffiyeh was designed without a foot.

The 1966 World Cup, won at home by England, was the first to associate its image with a mascot, a lion in Union Jack colors named Willie. Since then, La’eeb is the only one without toes. The public was also quick to highlight this particularity.

It must be said that, according to FIFA, the traditional Arab headdress – flying – is special. She comes from the “metaverse (a parallel universe) of mascots” and “encourages everyone to believe in themselves and live in the present moment. It spreads all the joy that characterizes football. »

Curiosity, enthusiasm and spirit of adventure would be the character traits of the new face of the Mondial. The deputy general manager of tournament marketing wants “everyone to make the mascot what they want it to be”. The imagination of the followers quickly guided them on the trail of Casper.

La’eeb has been widely compared to a ghost on social networks, a symbol of a competition organized at the heart of controversies pointing to respect for human rights in Qatar and especially the working conditions of workers on construction sites. According to the International Labor Organization, 50 workers died accidentally in Qatar in 2020.



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