XXVI Andalusian Cup ACB (73-54) Betis also beat Granada and the ‘de La Linea’ Cup will be played with Unicaja

The predictions came true again. The Real Betis defeated Fundación Granada (73-54) in the second match of the XXVI ACB Andalusian Basketball Cup which is being held throughout the weekend in the refurbished La Línea pavilion. With this score, the Sevillian team and Unicaja -which on Friday overwhelmed the Nasrids- will play this Sunday (18:00) on that same stage the final in which the people of Malaga will defend their status as champions of the last two editions and the Verdiblancos a tournament that they have not won since 2019.

The line he is having a great time with ACB basketball. The public once again responded to the claim of the elite basketball and corresponded to the efforts of the City Council and the Linense Basketball Union (ULB) with another thousand or so people in the stands.

The tournament has only lacked in its first two deliveries greater competitiveness on the part of the recently promoted Fundación Granada, that although it made up the image offered on Friday, it is still unable to compete with more consolidated and more experienced blocks. The winners of the competition (Unicaja has 15 titles and Real Betis six) speaks for itself.

As far as this Saturday’s game is concerned, andl Real Betis took the initiative during almost the entire clash against an improved Covirán Granada, who showed a better image than the previous day, putting aside nerves and showing a better version.

Despite that, the group trained by the eternal Louis Casimir managed to control the duel at almost all times and once managed to take off on the scoreboard, in the final stretch of the second quarter, he did not see his advantage compromised.


Real Betis (73): Rodion Kurucs (7), Robert Johnson III (11), Jeremiah
Hill (2), Shannon Evans, Amar Sylla (4)– starting five – Aleksandar Cvetkovic (2),
Paul Almazan (8), Dairis Bertans (12), Eulis Baez (8), George Tsalmpouris (7),
Pepe Pozas (6), Volodymyr Gerun (6).

CB Granada Foundation (54): Thomas Bropleh (15), Mamadou Niang (7), Christian
Díaz (4), Luke Maye (13), Pere Tomàs (3) – starting quintet – Ramón Vila (5), Dejan
Todorovic, David Iriarte, Ricardo Martin, Angel Corps, Alexander Urtasun, James
Díaz (7).

Referees: The match was directed by three Andalusian referees from the highest category, Daniel
Hierrezuelo -who did the main referee for the first time in this tournament-
and Alberto Sánchez and Joaquín García, who acted as assistants for the second
consecutive shock.

Incidences: Second match of the XXVI edition of the ACB Andalusian Basketball Cup, which takes place in La Línea. A thousand spectators in the stands and numerous personalities from the world of sports and politics around the track.



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