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For the World Cup fans in Qatar |

Beer Decision Pleased!

The World Cup beer strategy is in place!

During the tournament in Qatar (November 20 to December 18), only non-alcoholic beer may be sold in the stadiums, the AP news agency reports.

However, what is possible: The cold drink with alcohol can be obtained up to 30 minutes before the games and shortly afterwards at certain stands directly on the arena grounds.

Things are different at the official fan festival in Doha, the capital of the conservative Muslim country! As was the case at the 2019 Club World Cup, serving alcohol is permitted there.

By the way, the price of beer at that time was 6.20 euros!

Vodka, whiskey, gin and wine (bottle around 27 euros) could also be purchased.

Then: Alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar, but is only served to a very limited extent, for example in bars or restaurants of certain hotels. Foreigners can also buy this in the shop, but must be older than 21 years and need a permit.

A World Cup alcohol ban was previously considered very unlikely. As the Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery and group of companies is a major FIFA sponsor…



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