which technicians are you looking to replace Mayer Candelo

Máyer Candelo stopped being the coach of Deportivo Calias announced by the team ‘sugar Bowl’ after the loss against Cortuluá and after his fans invaded the pitch.

The directive of ‘super sport’ does not waste a minute and is already looking for the replacement of Section, who had no positive results as a helmsman. According to the journalist diego wheelthree names already sound to exercise the position as technical director, among them are Jaime de la Pava and the exes Independent Santa Fe, Harold Rivera y William Sanguinetti.

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The Uruguayan Sanguinetti was in the box ‘cardinal’ in the 2018 season and part of 2019-1, where he directed 35 games (11 wins, 14 draws and 10 losses), he reached the quarterfinals in the final season of 2018, where he was defeated by the Sports Tolima from the penalty spot.

For its part, Harold Rivera arrived at ‘león’ in the final tournament of 2019 until August 2021, getting the team out of a sports crisis, current situation of the Valle del Cauca team. He added 81 directed games and got 36 wins, 25 draws and 20 losses. Highlights in Santa Fe It was the final that he directed in 2020, which he lost against America of Cali.

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It is expected what the decision of the board will be ‘sugar bowl’ and for which technician do they lean, if for the former Independent Santa Fe or for those who already know the house as it is of the turkeywho already directed the Cali and won a Copa Colombia in 2010, where he defeated Itagui Ditaires with a global score 3 goals for 0.



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