Weekend of successes for the Benaventa archery club

The XXIV National Championship of Archery Hunting Tours, held last Saturday, September 24, in the town of Castillejo de Robledo in Soria, has resulted in several successes for the shooters of the Arco Altay Benaventano club.

It consisted of nine hunting proposals between stalking and shooting posts and fifty-eight archers participated in the pulley, traditional and long bow modalities. The Benaventano club could only send three of its classifieds, since Atila Vega had unavoidable commitments for that date, but the results were very satisfactory.

Daniel Carbajo, who participated in senior assisted bow, achieved a creditable eighth position, considering that it was his first year competing in that category and his debut in a national tournament.

Another debutant in national championships, María Josefa Pérez, managed to add a bronze to her record in the category of traditional mixed veteran.

The other bronze achieved by the Benaventano club was thanks to Francsco José Barrigón, who achieved third position in the mixed veteran assisted bow category.



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