Volleyball World Cup: 3-2 to France, Italy in the semifinals – Volleyball

The history of blue volleyball on the rival benches, in the midst of a young Italy that after the conquered European is now looking to the world podium. It is an undertaking that the Azzurri led by Fefè de Giorgi have accomplished in Ljubljana, beating the Olympic champions of France coached by Andrea Giani in a fourth-show: it ends 3-2 (24-26, 25-21, 23-25, 25-22, 15-12) and for Italy the doors of the world championship semifinal are open wide. In Ljubljana Lavia is the ball that gives the tie break and the match to a national team that has been able to keep up with the French: a success of the group orchestrated by De Giorgi in which all have impressed the Romanò quality mark (the best with 22 points) and Michieletto (just twenty years old), good at holding the helm during the most complicated phases of the game. “After losing 3-0 twice in the Nations League, we were eager to do well and to see how much we have recovered compared to a short while ago – the Azzurri coach rejoiced -. I think it was an exciting match, they were all tight sets. even those we lost with a little attention could have been won but I’m happy with what we did tonight “.

“It was an important opportunity for the team and the path, a young group but that has the desire and is very cohesive, it takes time to build a group, you need your head and you have to know how to use it. I’m happy to have created this opportunity and now let’s go play the medals “. “It’s incredible, really incredible. They are one of the best teams of the last 10-15 years, it’s difficult to play against them, with all these champions – the words of Simone Giannelli – Every time I met France it was very difficult, so now I am very happy and proud of my team and my group. We have shown our skills and our energy. Now a little rest and then we will think about the semifinals. ” However, a balanced match in which Italy confirmed its growth after the success at the Europeans a year ago: the first set in which the Azzurri started very well, accumulating an advantage that the French were able to recover on 13- 13. Then ball on ball (21-21) also thanks to a more foul Italy than at the start of the match, especially in the service. Right in the final, however, the French at +2 and then close the partial 26-24. Second set in which the script is repeated, a head to head won this time by the blues. In the third set the challenge lights up, but Italy wastes a lot and gives the set to the French. The backlash was feared, but the Azzurri showed they did not want to give up and took the fourth set: tie break with great emotions, with Italy in the lead and capable of grounding the 15-12 ball that made the national team fly among the four best in the world. Under the eyes of those who wrote the history of blue volleyball.

On Saturday, Slovenia will be Italy’s opponent in the semifinal of the volleyball world cup. In the second quarter the hosts beat Ukraine 3-1 (18-25, 26-24, 25-19, 25-23). The Azzurri will move to Katowice, Poland, where the final act of the world championship takes place tomorrow. Italy returns to the top four after 12 years (last time in Rome in 2010) and for the sixth time in its history. Last year Italy and Slovenia faced each other in the match that earned the continental title in Poland.