US Open, ATP > Del Potro: “If you look at the match between Alcaraz and Sinner, they never varied, there was never a surprise at a key moment”

The US Open quarter-final between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik was quickly hailed as the match of the year. The two phenomena went blow for blow, for nearly 5 hours and 20 minutes of crazy intensity. Present in the stands of the Arthur Ashe court, Juan Martin Del Potro necessarily enjoyed the show even if he took the liberty of issuing a few criticisms during an interview granted to The nation.

“Yes, I would have liked to face them, but they are developing and becoming great players. I saw the match between Sinner and Alcaraz and I said to myself: an experienced player or one of the best players could disturb them so much… It’s a bit like what happened to me in my first matches with Federer: when I was comfortable, he started with the slice, with the drop shot, he hit this way or that way, he hit hard, he hit slow. If you look at the match between them, there was a very high intensity but they don’t have never varied: they always went to the lines, to see who was faster and who could score the best point. But there was never a surprise at a key moment, a slice, anything different. And I think that’s part of their learning curve. These are two phenomena.underlined the winner of the US Open 2009.



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