Une campagne de marketing viral pour Smile Is Photobombing Baseball Games (And The Today Show)

Today, Fandango’s Erik Davis compiled several sightings of smiles in a Twitter post, including ones he says were spotted at a Yankees game, a Dodgers game, and even back- shot of television broadcast of “The Today Show”. In this latest snap, a smiler can be seen staring at daggers just above meteorologist Al Roker’s shoulder.

But that’s not all. There also appears to be a new viral marketing website associated with “Smile” called The site allows users to report smiles they spot around the world or upload photos of themselves or their friends using the Snapchat “Smile” app. “IF YOU SEE A SMILE, CALL: 201.365.4067,” the site notifies visitors and calling the number leads to a recorded message.

All of this hype is an impressive way to draw attention to Parker Finn’s feature debut, which revolves around a seemingly contagious phenomenon that leaves witnesses seeing eerie smiles everywhere before inevitably meeting a grisly fate. . Lookalike Bacon, Kyle Gallner and Caitlin Stasey star in the film, which just premiered at Fantastic Fest. /Jacob Hall of the film calls it the epitome of the “really good horror movie, the horror movie that doesn’t reach for the sky, but instead chooses to fill the room.” Meanwhile, reviewer Chris Evangelista calls parts of the movie “truly unnerving,” but points out how much it relies on familiar tropes.

“Smile” hits theaters on September 30, 2022.


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