The TREMENDOUS praise of a world champion to Rodrigo De Paul

El Gringo, who knew how to lift the long-awaited medal in Mexico 1986 together with Maradona, was full of praise for the current midfielder of the Argentine National Team.

And from Argentine National Team is spoken, Ricardo Giusti is an authorized word. El Gringo, world champion with the Albiceleste in the World Cup in Mexico 1986 with Diego Armando Maradonawas expressed about the soccer present of Rodrigo De Paul and could not help but praise for whom he recently broke a historic record that Oscar Ruggeri had held for almost 30 years.

The tremendous praise of Ricardo Giusti to Rodrigo De Paul

“They told me a couple of times, but I think not (about the similarities between him and De Paul),” began by manifesting the Gringo in dialogue with ESPN, to then ensure that the current Atlético Madrid footballer Diego Simeone “It has a lot more features that I didn’t have.”

Subsequently, the world champion listed by way of argument the reasons why he believes that De Paul is superior on the green grass: “He has the clarity to reach the opponent’s area, to give goal passes, to score goals and I really didn’t work there…”, wielded for later slide in that yes, to his understanding, he was better: I was perhaps a little more tactical.” And he finished: “For me De Paul is a great player. I love it”

Ricardo Giusti

Rodrigo De Paul and his shocking revelation in the Argentine National Team: “Surely I’m not going to enjoy the month of the World Cup”

Rodrigo De Paul and the topic that disturbs him in the Argentine National Team


Rodrigo De Paul and the topic that disturbs him in the Argentine National Team

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