The RFEF kicks out the International DUX and grants Talavera its place in the First Federation

La RFEF announced this Friday that the International Doge of Madrid has lost its right to participate this season in the First Federation and has agreed to his unregistration from it, a measure against which the team chaired by Stephen Newman could appeal to the courts. According to the resolution of the Sole Judge of non-professional Competitions, Talavera will be the club that will occupy its place in that category, while the Cerdanyola It will be the one that covers the vacancy left by Toledo in Second B.

The RFEF, in the resolution that it has announced this Friday, grants a period of 24 hours in Talavera and Cerdanyola for, prior compliance with the required requirements, they proceed to formalize the registration in their new categories. “The case is in the hands of our lawyers and we are studying the situation,” they explain to ABC from the International DUX of Madrid, a club that does not maintain any type of debt with its players.

The Madrid team, however, has not found the investor it needed to meet the new requirements established to compete this season in the bronze category of Spanish football, including the obligation to have 18 players in the squad with a salary minimum of 20,000 euros and cover a budget of at least one million euros.

As reported by the RFEF in a statement, having evaluated all the allegations presented by the Club Dux International SL and the requested reports, the Sole Judge of non-professional Competitions has resolved:

– Declare the loss of the right to participate of Dux Internacional de Madrid SL in the First Federation in the 2022/2023 season and agree on its correlative deregistration from it.

– Granting within 24 hours to CF Talavera de la Reina to formalize registration in group 1 of the First Federation, after fulfilling the requirements, covering the vacancy generated by the previous deregistration.

-Appreciate the impossibility of the participation of the International DUX of Madrid in the Second Federation in the current 2022/2023 season due to the lack of soccer players and technicians registered to participate in it, once the license application period established in the regulations of the the said competition.

– Granting a period of 24 hours to Cerdanyola CF to formalize registration in Segunda B (Second Federation) after fulfilling the requirements, joining its group 5 in the event that CF Talavera de la Reina formalizes its registration within the same period granted or in the group where the next team with the best sporting merit generates a vacancy for the coverage of the vacancy in the First Federation in the absence of the above.



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