The associations were there, not the public

Sainte Feyre. Forums, the main associations were there. Sainte-Feyre has 26 associations (minus two: one dormant “les Viroulais-Dau-Gaudi”, the other shut down, the vocal group Harmonie).

Fourteen were present at the association forum, including two new ones, basketball and country dancing. The FRJEP has several activities: gentle gymnastics and maintenance, yoga, acting for heritage, pink October.

In front of a small audience, all presented their activities either through media or through oral explanations. Four gave demonstrations: basketball, badminton, country dancing and the festival committee, with how to make paper flowers to decorate floats.

The Sainte-Feyre/Kintzheim twinning committee offered a tasting of Alsatian products.


Associations present. Friendship Club; festival committee; FRJEP; Sainte-Feyre activities; Tai-chi and Chi-kung; badminton; country; petanque; football (RFC); his hai viet vo dao; twinning committee; apple crunchers; knights of black pudding; basketball.


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